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Being Prepared is not just for Scouts


When Robert Baden-Powell was asked 'Be prepared for what?' he reportedly replied, 'Why, for any old thing.'

Planning and preparing is key for any successful trip into the outdoors. Whether it's a family camping trip, a Great Walk, bike packing the Old Ghost Road or just getting outdoors for a couple of days, you need to sort your gear.

The first place to start is checking your existing gear. Perhaps you didn't get around to cleaning and storing it properly. Maybe you're trying something new and need different gear. Getting the right pack and a decent sleep will make whatever adventure you're doing a much more enjoyable, and safe, experience.

We've shared some really useful info from our brands to get you started. Utilise the knowledge and experience of your local outdoor gear retailer to make sure anything you buy fits your needs. 

STS Boots 1500x1000
Clean, fix and store your gear

If you've invested in quality gear, you'll want to care for it properly. And if you're prepared, you can head out as soon as the weather's right!

Sea to Summit covers everything you need to know from what to check on your tent and how to wash your sleeping bag, to what to have in your first aid kit.

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Dave Grieg fishing with an Osprey Aether pack
Get the right pack for your adventure

Osprey Packs' pack finder matches what you're doing, how long you're out for, how you pack, what features you like, secondary activities and price to suggest the best match for you.

We recommend you visit your local stockist and get your pack fitted correctly.

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Sea to Summit sleeping bag
Find your perfect sleep system

By matching you with the right sleeping mat, bag, liner, and pillow, Sea to Summit's Sleep System Finder will create your perfect sleep set-up for your next adventure.

Women often need more warmth which is why there is a sleep system specifically designed for  women.

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