Summer Challenge was first held in Nelson in 2021 and is the sister event to the extremely popular Spring Challenge that has been running since 2007. The main difference, other than the season, is Summer Challenge has kayaking and coasteering whereas Spring Challenge has rafting. Both Challenges are adventure races for women.

The 2022 Summer Challenge will beheld in Tekapo, 18-20 March. Enter here

Teams of 3-women navigate through nature and complete the course using kayaks, mountain bikes and hiking. There are 3-options, the 3, 6 and 9-hour events. These are projected winning times, making the options beginner, intermediate and advanced.

  • The 3-hour event is designed as an entry level introduction to the sport, fun, safe and achievable.
  • The 6-hour event is typically the most popular and caters for intermediate level outdoors women.
  • The 9-hour event is for experienced women with a high skill level in the various disciplines.

These events are designed and delivered by Nathan and Jodie Fa'avae. Find out more


CamelBak and Sea to Summit are proud sponsors of this event

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